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This Minecraft ‘campaign’ is dedicated to Eidonholm Minecraft server,
a closed server by invitation only.
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Realms Server Name: Eidonholm
Server Status: Online
Discord Server: Online

Difficulty: Hard
PvP: Allowed
Monster Greifing: Enabled
Monster Spawning: Enabled
Creative Mode: Disabled
Coordinates: Disabled
Natural Health Regeneration: Enabled

Recent Admin Activity:

10-20-2017[07:02]—The server has been live for a month or so by this point, but I haven’t been updating the Obsidian Portal presence. Given some issues with keeping track of events, this will now return to being the one-stop shop for news in Eidonholm.

07-21-2017[15:40]—CHRIST, has it really been six years since the last server was running??

In preparation for the “Better Together” update coming to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, XBox One Edition, and others, I’ll be updating this campaign page to reflect the new server. I’ll leave some of the old stuff up, though, for nostalgia’s sake. More information will be added as it becomes available, but the current plan is to start up a server on Minecraft Realms, which will be free to play upon and will always be open, 24/7, without eating up my electricity or bandwidth! Benefits: it should be lag-free, at least from the server-side, and will be cross-platform between XBox One, Windows 10, Pocket, and Nintendo Switch.

Legacy Admin Activity:

11-6-2011[17:31]—If anyone cares i have found a release date for the FINALIZED game. Wiki says 11/18/2011 or possibly the 19th. Just nice to hear. The server wont see it but I WILL!!!! :)

11-1-2011[13:01]—After giving it some thought, I think that the server will remain off-line for the forseeable future, beyond the release of Minecraft Final. Since I don’t have a method of remotely turning the computer on and off on-demand, my only recourse to this point has been to keep the computer running 24/7. For a service that only two people were using constantly, and a third on occasion, the amount of electricity being used wasn’t worth it (even without much running in the background, and no monitor OR mouse taking up additional power, between the WiFi transmitter constantly pinging the modem and Java being loaded into memory and being actively processed accounts for maybe $10 a month worth of electricity by itself). Between this and the continued uncertainty as to whether or not I’m going to continue to have internet service beyond the end of December (I’m NOT paying $70 for this level of service, period, no debate—$40 is my limit), I’m probably just going to let Sanctuary rest for a while longer. It sucks, and I’m sorry for that, but it’s honestly just wasting electricity, keeping it turned on when nobody is using it. I’m open to suggestions, but not many options are available to us at the moment.
due to lack of use I will painfully cast in my stone… I hate to see this progress I’ve made go to waste but to save money go ahead and kill the server. It was fun while it lasted but all good things must come to an end.

10-14-2011[08:36]—I’ve had the server off for a couple of days, now, since I was the only one even half-heartedly using it. Nobody else noticed.

NEWS: I’m debating reverting the save to 1.8.1, before the pre-release updates began, though that should really only affect my work (I could be wrong, but I don’t think Brandon did too much to his place after 1.9pr1 came out, and Chris hasn’t been on at all since then, so it’d just be a ton of my work that would be lost).

I still haven’t decided, but here’s why I’m even considering it:

I somehow missed it when Notch said that they weren’t going to be releasing any more official updates to Minecraft until MineCon in November. …I didn’t even put together that the official RELEASE of Minecraft is about a month away, and that their ‘feature lock-down’ post was referring to the final version, not to beta updates. So the next time the Minecraft auto-updater registers an update will be around the middle of next month.

I pose this question: Should I even bother bringing the server back online before that point? Chris has already said that he was waiting for the official release (next one will be Final Version 1.0, no more Beta versions), Brandon doesn’t play it often, and I’m TRYING to get some writing done before Skyrim (and will be playing that, mostly, through the first weeks of Minecraft Final). If nobody’s going to be playing, then there’s no reason for me to waste the electricity.

Chris – Im fine with you leaving it off… Forza has some work to be done in it and you can be using the time write. Im not too worried. Im sure brandon wont even respond to this either… ;) he never does! Dont waste the work you done… its seems to be… well a waste if you do! lol Once real release comes out (do we have to pay for the finished product?) i will be back on in the evenings.

~No, you bought the finished product when you bought the beta. You’ll own the PC version forever, no matter what updates come down the pike. DLC might be a different story (I heard they might offer ‘capes’ as a player-per-player paid DLC, for example). In fact, you bought it at a discount, because the finished version will cost more for new buyers than what you and I paid.

Awesome-sauce! keep us up to date on the final release and hopefully it will be soon! I want to start my farm and start making animals do it and make more animals! LMAO! Thanks for the info and updates!

10-05-2011[11:00]—Server is back online. NOTE: IP changed. The promised upgrades have NOT been instituted: It turns out that I don’t have a phone jack in my room, so the WiFi is still the primary connection method. And, while I know that the server’s been down most of the week, I’m calling the ‘Creative Mode’ period OVER. Survival mode is now the primary mode.

10-01-2011[08:00]—The server will be offline for the next couple days. I need to replace the power supply, and while I’m at it, move the modem and hard-wire it into place. When the server is bought back online, HOPEFULLY it’ll run smoother and more reliably.

09-29-2011[09:06]—A new pre-release of Beta 1.9 has been handed out. I’ve uploaded it to the server, so make sure you update your copy with this version. Among other changes are the ability to ‘lead’ farm-able animals around by holding a bushel of wheat in their hands, or to coax them into breeding by feeding the wheat to them.

09-25-2011[06:17]—Sorry, the server program is a little more lagged than it has been in the past. I’ve kept it offline while generating new terrain, to keep the crash potential down. I’ll be restoring it this morning, hopefully, before I go to work, but keep in mind that 1.9 pre-release is MORE UNSTABLE than you’re used to. If it goes down, I will be gone ALL DAY, and won’t be able to restart it until late tonight, at the earliest. Keep your explorations beyond current lands short and slow, to best maintain stability.

09-23-2011[06:41]—That was sort of short-lived. Update 1.9 has been ‘leaked’ early by Mojang. When I get home, I’ll be experimenting with implementing it into the server. I’ll back-up the server as it is before I do so, just in case it corrupts the server somehow: the world as it is will be safe if something foul happens. If you want to use the server after, say, 4:30 today (I’ll post here when I’ve made the switch), you’ll need to manually update Minecraft to 1.9. To do this, you’ll first need to download the updated .jar file from here. To install the .jar file, go to your “.minecraft” folder (default location is C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft) You’re going to want to make a back-up copy of this entire folder AND your current “Minecraft.exe” file, just in case. Once you back these up, copy the new “minecraft.jar” file over into the “/bin” folder, replacing the current one.

That’s it, you’re done. The built-in updater will still work when 1.9 is officially released, so you won’t have to worry about that. Any questions or problems, let me know.

09-22-2011[06:35]—Well, that’s what I was afraid of. All players, STOP hunting for villages until 1.9 is released. Stop exploring altogether, except areas already explored (one ‘map’ around the Temple of Flame). Notch just basically confirmed that the NPCs will spawn into newly-generated villages, not ones that pop up in 1.8.

Good thing we haven’t found any, I guess.
so does this mean that the areas we have not searched yet could possibly contain villages after 1.9 comes out? Will we need to start a new world? so basically new villages will appear and the NPCs will be there?

Reply: The game is constantly generating new content as we explore. Once the game generates an area, that area is locked in for good, it won’t change it later. The hills and forest surrounding The Temple will remain as they are no matter what changes happen down the line. But as new features are introduced, they’re added to the possible terrains and objects that the world generator can use, so while there is no snow included in the current update, as soon as snow becomes available again, the terrain generator will begin using snow as an option for any new ground you explore. If we’d found a village before the NPCs were added, that village would forever be empty, but any new villages generated after the NPC update would be populated properly. Does that make sense? A new world shouldn’t be necessary, even if we do accidentally spawn a village before the NPCs are included: I might just write a story around that village being wiped out, and go in there and ‘burn it’ into ruins to match it’s emptiness.

09-18-2011[19:18]—No, I DON’T know why the IP keeps changing. It’s not in my hands.

09-17-2011[18:40]—Server is back online again. Inexplicable IP change. Not sure why.

09-17-2011[06:52]—Server is back online after a temporary outage caused by an idiot that tripped over the metaphorical ‘cord.’ IP has changed, but should be working for the moment.

09-14-2011[09:22]—Due to popular demand(?), the 1.8 server is now online. …For Chris. Consider this the only official warning you’ll get: because NPCs are NOT yet active, and we do not yet know if NPCs in 1.9 will spawn properly into villages generated in 1.8, this world might NOT be final. In this case, the server will be reset again and all your work will be lost. I’ll try my best to regenerate this landscape (I’m going to check the “seed” right now), but I can’t promise anything, as I don’t know what other changes will take place in 1.9 that might make 1.8 seeds obsolete.

There will be no additional adding of inventory if this happens: I will use the inventory list I already have, and you’ll be SOL if you want to include more goodies that you find here.

That said, I hope that this is the last server reset! The upper portion of the Temple of Flame is complete and ready for use. The catacombs are currently under construction, and for the time being, all player inventory is being kept in a series of chests outside the Temple of Flame, down the Western Staircase (the sun and moon now rise in the ‘North’ to conform to the user-generated maps). An entire set of wool dye has been completed and is being kept in the Player Inventory area, as well. From here, you are free to explore at your leisure, though remember that you canNOT create a portal to the Nether until I am ready to map your location. If you spawn portals too closely, my portal network will not work, and that will result in me coming and destroying your portal!

Upon your first spawn-in, your admin rights should be active, as before, but ‘Creative Mode’ will need to be enabled by you (or me, if I’m in). The server command to enable Creative Mode is “/gamemode {playername} 1” (where {playername} is your name, no brackets). To return to Survival Mode, set the toggle to “0” -Please note that you cannot use doors or hatches in Creative Mode; they are destroyed. To open a door you’ve just placed, you’ll need to revert to Survival Mode, open it, then go back into Creative.-

As stated before, monsters are currently disabled to allow us time to explore, and Admin powers and Creative Mode will be allowed within reason for an as-yet undetermined period of time. I’ll warn you and place a count-down on the main page, above, when I’ve decided it’s time to return to ‘business as usual.’ Do not abuse these privileges; keep your building projects modest and relatively small. Expect me to be checking up on you. Do, however, feel free to employ “flight” to quickly and efficiently explore while the server is peaceful. …Just don’t get lost.

I’ll be sending out updates to the texture pack shortly.

09-10-2011[06:24]—Notch has ‘leaked’ the upcoming 1.8 update, for anyone interested in playing around with it before the official release on Monday(?). I’ve heard there are still a ton of bugs in it, but won’t get a chance to play around with it for a while due to work I have to do for Moonsunder. If you want to mess around with the pre-release, the URL is available here. Make sure you make a back-up copy of both your Minecraft.exe and your entire .minecraft folder, just in case the pre-release buggers your copy of the game.

I MIGHT change the official policy on the updated server if Mojang confirms that NPCs in update 1.9 will spawn properly into any villages generated with 1.8. The current plan is for me to start working on the new world in 1.8, getting a jump on things like the Temple, player inventory, and the Transit system immediately, then see if the NPCs will spawn into the villages before opening the door in multiplayer. If the NPCs won’t spawn into the 1.8 villages, then I’ll just generate a new world and start my work over again, but if they WILL, then I’ll open the door and we can start messing around with the new world before it becomes ‘official.’

09-08-2011[15:08]—Latest word is that the update is being pushed until September 12th. NPCs are most likely to NOT be included, so the server will probably not be going live until 1.9. …Sorry, that was part of the reason to reset the server in the first place. Will keep you posted as I learn things.

09-04-2011[08:00]—Current word is that the next update will be released on the 8th of September. That’s Thursday. Obviously, we won’t know until it’s actually released (and the Minecraft.net server has had a time to cope with all the early download traffic), and we still don’t have a confirmation on the final feature list, so we’re still in wait-and-see. IF the update is released on Thursday, and it includes all of the features required on the list for world-restart (NPCs, villages, rivers, oceans, mountains, dungeons, mineshafts, strongholds, and Creative Mode), then I will generate a good starting location late Thursday or early Friday, and post here as soon as it’s up and running. I might even try to get all the inventory transferred into temporary chests, at least, though I’m not promising that yet.

Here’s to hoping the update is more or less complete—I’m getting bored!

08-29-2011[09:26]—The server is now CLOSED until the release of Update 1.8. Inventory within the staging area has been recorded and will be used as the spawn-list for inventory in the new world. Anyone that wants a copy of the world-save to use in singleplayer, just let me know.

Due to a mention by Notch that the current update list might be split between two separate updates, instead of a single update, the new world might be offline until the second of the two updates is complete, depending on the list of updates available in the first release. The features that must be present before the new server will go live are: Fully-functional and populated NPC villages (the demo available at PAX had the villages, but no NPCs yet), fully-functional terrain generators for oceans, rivers, mountains, dungeons, mineshafts, and strongholds (all but the strongholds were demonstrated at PAX), and fully-integrated switchable Creative Mode in multiplayer (singleplayer demonstrated at PAX, not multiplayer). The features that the server does NOT need at restart are the food options, the new fighting mechanics, the hunger mechanic, the experience mechanic, new monsters, and farming options.

08-26-2011[08:43]—A reminder that the deadline for saving your inventory is this Monday, 6 AM. At some point after 6, I will be taking screen captures of the storage chests in the staging area and using them to compile a list of inventory to spawn-in within the new world. YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE THEM AFTER MONDAY. I will be taking the server OFFLINE until the release of Update 1.8, so this weekend is THE END of this version of the world, and everything in it.

I’ll coordinate once the update has been released, to set aside a hunk of time to pick out a new world.

Will this mean our entire old world will be gone? Will the old world still be there or should i blow up all my stuff cause i will never see it again? ~~Already answered via txtmsg, but for the benefit of Brandon: I’ll have the world-save on my laptop the next time we get together, so if you want to use the multiplayer world in your personal single-player game for whatever reason, I can set it up for you.

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