Death to Creepers!

The Archons of the Sanctuary

“I ran into Brogan this morning. He’s looking…different these days. The shape he’s chosen to manifest certainly seems like an odd choice, but I won’t begrudge him. We decided to share an early lunch, and got to talking about the changes The Sanctuary has been undergoing. He mentioned seeing Albert not too long ago—I haven’t seen him in ages, but I’ve seen a few of the things he’s built. His Shrine seems so ironically humorous to me that I haven’t had the heart to tell him that it’s actually quite blasphemous.

“Let him do whatever he wants. He’s not hurting anything.

“I need to remind my ‘counterpart’ to start expanding the Plane vertically, now—we have enough bloody land to explore for a while, I need the sky to go higher and the stone to go deeper. Brogan was particularly annoyed by how ‘shallow’ the Hard Stone was. I guess I don’t know that much about the deep earth, though, so…I should mine his brain for a little more information before I go expanding that direction, I suppose.”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood



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