Death to Creepers!

The Beginning of an Age

“It’s not that I find The Sanctuary a disappointment. Quite the contrary: I’m still enthralled by it, and still find plenty about it that surprises me.

“But…I think it needs a little more time to mature. I’m going to close the Nexus for a while, let it evolve without us, and see where it decides to go. The biology is getting more advanced with each passing generation—I saw giant squid during my last fishing trip, and I know none of us put them there. Besides, there are concerns, back home, that I have to devote my attention to. I’m becoming uncomfortable about some of the whispers I’ve been hearing coming out of Myth Drannor, and am feeling just a little nostalgic for a walk down The Ride and through Ashabenford again. Kara’s been begging me to take her on a trip to someplace that isn’t The Sanctuary, so I guess I’ll cover that base, too. Perhaps we’ll take the long way back and visit Neverwinter. I owe Sharwyn a visit, I suppose, and Kara’s always wanted to see the North.

“Dawnbringer will cut the travel time down to a handful of weeks, instead of a full season. And that’s taking it easy. And, to think of all the boots I wore through, walking all over Faerun…”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood



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