Death to Creepers!


“It’s really disconcerting to find undead wandering around in a Plane that…has…no sapient life in the first place. How does a corpse walk around in a world where it was never alive in the first place? They’re not mortal intruders—my wards have remained unmolested.

“It has to be spill-over from the Abyss, though I didn’t think I’d have undead finding their way back across the threshold. Demons, but not ‘undead.’ They must be able to manifest their own bodies out of ambient material found within the Plane—they vanish as soon as they are destroyed.

“I’ll have to look into strengthening the Veil between the Abyss and The Sanctuary before anything more sinister notices the connection. The last thing I need is a damned Balor coming through and finding The Black Book. It’s why I hid it here in the first place.”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood



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