House Rules

Due to past history regarding inter-player drama and conflict, this tome will act as a Player’s Handbook for the Eidonholm Minecraft Server. Within, we will spell out general ‘common-sense’ guidelines and expected behavior upon the server. We want all of our members to have fun, but we also want to ensure that we’re having fun with other players, not at the expense of other players.

The first copy of this book, as well as any new updated versions, will be provided to each player free of charge, and additional copies may be purchased from the server administrator for a modest fee of one emerald. A reference copy will also be kept in the Village Elder’s house and, eventually, the Library, but this copy must not be removed from its location or damaged/lost.


Activities and events on this server may be recorded at any time, and posted to the Schadenfreude Gamers YouTube Channel ( or streamed live to Twitch ( By continuing to play on this server, you acknowledge that you are aware that you may be recorded, and give your consent for your Minecraft/XBox Live gamertag(s) to appear on these services, as well as your voice and anything you may say. We will endeavor to accommodate any individual preferences regarding personal information or real-life names, but we are human, and thus cannot guarantee 100% compliance in this regard, particularly not during a livestream. If you do not agree to these terms, or are otherwise uncomfortable with the idea of being part of a Let’s Play video series, you should immediately cease logging into the Eidonholm server, for your own protection.

If you wish to post any additional footage onto an online video platform or livestreaming service, you should check with the server administrators and/or consider posting said content to pre-existing channels. This is a recommendation/request, not a requirement.

Griefing, Trolling, and Other Unneighborly Behavior

“Griefing” and “trolling” other players is strictly prohibited. Administrators will review and judge complaints on a case-by-case basis, and reserve the right to define what is or is not ‘griefing’ or ‘trolling’ as they see fit, and reserve the right to change their minds at any time, without notice. Activities that may be prohibited include, but are not limited to; wanton destruction of other player property, spawn-tampering, arson, grief-by-monster, theft, unauthorized use of console commands/cheats/mods, and resource poaching. Griefing may result in warnings, fines, a trial by a jury of your peers, or temporary or permanent revocation of server invitation.

Griefing and abusing NPC villagers is also discouraged, though obviously is less important and more nebulous than griefing other players. As a general rule, NPC villagers within the village of Eidonholm should be treated as much like players as possible; do not steal from, poach from, murder, or otherwise be cruel to villagers. We understand that sometimes…you have no choice but to give them a whack with a stick to get them out of a place they don’t belong. What’s worse, leads don’t attach to villagers, and there’s no current “nummy” you could tempt them into following you with like you can with animals. If you have no choice but to cull a villager, try to replace them if you can, and try not to make it a habit. Do not steal from a villager’s inventory, do not use their work benches or other crafting tools, and do not squat in their houses and sleep in their beds. You’re an Archon, for the love of Pete, you’re better than that!

If you wish to build NEW housing, or upgrade existing villager housing, you are more than welcome to do so! Donate materials and items to decorate their homes, do as much customization as you like! Just make sure that if you destroy housing, you replace it and provide a method for villagers to get to it.

NPCs from other villages…are fair game. You have no obligation to any of them. Pillage, steal, and murder if that’s your desire. But the NPCs in Eidonholm, proper, and any vassals a player might conscript into their households, should be treated decently.

“Pranking” is allowed, with the following guidelines:
1) A prank must not be destructive or overly difficult to dismantle/repair. Turning a player’s castle into a snow-globe is good. Encasing their castle in obsidian is bad. Encasing a player in ice is good. Encasing them in ice that is thirty blocks thick is bad.
2) You must use your own materials. No prank should waste the victim’s materials unless there is certainty that the materials can be recovered in total. “Donating” your materials to the victim is often considered good sportsmanship, or even as a price you should expect to pay if a victim insists on keeping whatever you used in your prank.
3) ALWAYS include a sign to identify yourself in some way, someplace where the victim can easily see that it was a prank and have a decent chance at guessing the purpetrator. You can sign it with your name if you wish, or just leave a snarky comment that may or may not mis-direct your victim, but you MUST leave a sign to qualify as a prank.
4) If the victim asks you to help them take it down, be considerate.
5) If someone asks you not to prank them again, be gracious.

Roleplaying Conventions

This server is a light-to-moderate roleplay server. While we do not in any way require players to act or speak ‘in-character,’ or to even play a ‘character’ at all, players are certainly encouraged to do so if they wish. We will be using voice-chat, primarily, through a Discord server. Players are highly encouraged to secure a decent-quality microphone for this purpose, and to sign up for a (free) Discord account if they don’t already have one. XBox users may use XBox LIVE party chat, though due to poor audio quality, this is not recommended. We currently have no method of communicating with Nintendo players without access to third-party solutions. Console users may wish to explore using a separate computer or downloading the Discord app onto their phone for this purpose, instead.

If you prefer to use the in-game text-chat features, that’s up to you. But since the in-game chat is not what many would consider ‘robust,’ this is not recommended.

Since speaking ‘in-character’ is not required, “out-of-character” warnings are also not generally required. “Table talk” in chat is perfectly acceptable at all times. In written forms, such as signs or books, out-of-character text should be placed into double-brackets, like so: OOC Text Here.

‘Roleplay,’ in the context of this server, will most often take the form of building and interaction with the world environment. Player builds should be somewhat ‘realistic,’ physically; floating structures should be avoided unless a lore-friendly justification can be created. Redstone machinery should, in general, remain concealed from easy view, and structures such as monster spawners or farms should be disguised or hidden underground. Strip mining is highly discouraged, as is extensive excavation just beneath the surface. “Noob Pillars” should be avoided, as should ‘dirt huts.’ “Realism” isn’t required, but a certain level of plausibility should be considered at all times.

Players are encouraged to stake claims to land early and often. Don’t be greedy, there is plenty of world for everyone. To stake your claim, you may post signs and markers in the area (well lit, so as to be easily spotted), but designing your own personal banner and using it to identify your holdings should be considered a priority as soon as possible. Players will be provided a place to hang their personal banners within Eidonholm so that everyone can easily find and identify any other player’s banner.

Be aware that not all dye colors used in banners are sustainable. Choose your colors accordingly.

Property rights should be assumed to extend from bedrock to the build-height limit.

The Lore

Other more in-depth material regarding lore will be provided in-game. For now, the overview is:

You were once mortal, living a normal life in one of a dozen Realms of the Living. At the end of your days, your soul was freed to journey to whatever afterlife your Gods and wise women promised you.

Instead, you awoke here, emerging from one of the ancient Pools of Reflected Souls. You do not age, and the cold and rain don’t seem to phase you. And while you find you still suffer from hunger and illness and injury, ‘death’ no longer holds dominion over you; you always awaken, whole and healthy once again, within the Pool.

In the light of day, the locals—primitive and simple, yet friendly—toil and while away the hours. As the sun sets, they lock themselves in their homes, fleeing the Darkness Claimed horrors that emerge from the shadows.

You’ve been brought here by some faceless, nameless Gods, though for what purpose you can only guess. Your struggles delight them. Your failures amuse. Your triumphs annoy. But to what end? You are being tested, but by whom? What is the nature of the test? And what reward awaits those that succeed? What becomes of those that fail?

Welcome, Archon, to Eidonholm, The Realm Between.

House Rules

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