Legacy: Adventure Log from the Previous Server

The following is out-of-date information, and is being preserved exclusively for nostalgia.

The Beginning of an Age


“It’s not that I find The Sanctuary a disappointment. Quite the contrary: I’m still enthralled by it, and still find plenty about it that surprises me.

“But…I think it needs a little more time to mature. I’m going to close the Nexus for a while, let it evolve without us, and see where it decides to go. The biology is getting more advanced with each passing generation—I saw giant squid during my last fishing trip, and I know none of us put them there. Besides, there are concerns, back home, that I have to devote my attention to. I’m becoming uncomfortable about some of the whispers I’ve been hearing coming out of Myth Drannor, and am feeling just a little nostalgic for a walk down The Ride and through Ashabenford again. Kara’s been begging me to take her on a trip to someplace that isn’t The Sanctuary, so I guess I’ll cover that base, too. Perhaps we’ll take the long way back and visit Neverwinter. I owe Sharwyn a visit, I suppose, and Kara’s always wanted to see the North.

“Dawnbringer will cut the travel time down to a handful of weeks, instead of a full season. And that’s taking it easy. And, to think of all the boots I wore through, walking all over Faerun…”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood

Why Me?


“I still don’t believe it. Of all the Planewalking intruders I could have guessed would find their way here, first, the last one I could have wanted was a gods-be-damned gnome. I’ve spent the last couple months cleaning up after that blatherscythe, now that I finally cornered him and Banished him.

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood

Please Don’t Eat the Guards


“Either she’s made it a point to leave the landscape undisturbed, or Calli just doesn’t come here anymore. I’ll have to tell her how well her wolves are doing—there’s a pack that lives up in the hills near the Tower that I have been crossing paths with every few days. They’re generally docile, and look very healthy. Some deep instinct must still recognize us after so many generations—they don’t shy away from me when I approach, don’t even tense up, and they’ll follow my instructions provided I bribe them sufficiently.

“Definitely Leah’s cubs.”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood



“It’s really disconcerting to find undead wandering around in a Plane that…has…no sapient life in the first place. How does a corpse walk around in a world where it was never alive in the first place? They’re not mortal intruders—my wards have remained unmolested.

“It has to be spill-over from the Abyss, though I didn’t think I’d have undead finding their way back across the threshold. Demons, but not ‘undead.’ They must be able to manifest their own bodies out of ambient material found within the Plane—they vanish as soon as they are destroyed.

“I’ll have to look into strengthening the Veil between the Abyss and The Sanctuary before anything more sinister notices the connection. The last thing I need is a damned Balor coming through and finding The Black Book. It’s why I hid it here in the first place.”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood

The Archons of the Sanctuary


“I ran into Brogan this morning. He’s looking…different these days. The shape he’s chosen to manifest certainly seems like an odd choice, but I won’t begrudge him. We decided to share an early lunch, and got to talking about the changes The Sanctuary has been undergoing. He mentioned seeing Albert not too long ago—I haven’t seen him in ages, but I’ve seen a few of the things he’s built. His Shrine seems so ironically humorous to me that I haven’t had the heart to tell him that it’s actually quite blasphemous.

“Let him do whatever he wants. He’s not hurting anything.

“I need to remind my ‘counterpart’ to start expanding the Plane vertically, now—we have enough bloody land to explore for a while, I need the sky to go higher and the stone to go deeper. Brogan was particularly annoyed by how ‘shallow’ the Hard Stone was. I guess I don’t know that much about the deep earth, though, so…I should mine his brain for a little more information before I go expanding that direction, I suppose.”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood

Birth of a Plague


“I think I’ve come up with a theory about these damned, creeping green-and-brown creatures I’ve found infesting The Sanctuary. They obviously weren’t brought here (if I have never seen them before, then certainly they couldn’t have followed me from The Realms), and not enough time has passed to mutate the animals into such a hideous form—the cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens I’ve brought here all appear more or less the same as their domestic brethren back home, despite generation upon generation of breeding and wandering in the wild.

“And none of that explains how—or why—they spontaneously explode, either.

“The conclusion I’ve come to is that they’re some kind of elemental spirit, an interloper that must have found a way through the Planar Veil and, once here, became manifest because of the magic permeating the place, still. It disturbs me how the master of this demiplane can’t even prevent wandering spirits from finding their way through—what hope do I have of keeping wandering wizards or demons from finding their way here, then?

“I’ll have to consult The Book to find a solution, I think. The Seed hasn’t been forthcoming in revealing its secrets.”

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood

The Wanderer


“When I started this project, I never expected to be amazed by it. I considered that it would be intriguing, certainly; ‘just what kinds of changes were within my power?’ ‘What would the Seed allow me to do?’ ‘Where would the line be drawn, between possible and impossible, and how would that line express itself?’ ‘Could it become self-sustaining, or wouldI have to exert control over it at all times, just to keep it going?’

“I figured that any mysteries I could possibly uncover wouldn’t be mysteries of wonder so much as mysteries of my own limitations. I expected that the only ‘exploration’ I would be doing would be that of my own imagination, probing the boundaries of my own capabilities. Truly, the most I expected was a playground to explore how changing the various laws of reality, the laws of nature, would alter how things behaved. How well do I understand how the weather works, and how do discrepancies in that understanding change how it behaves? How closely could I mimic geological features, and what could I ‘design’ that would look wildly different from what you see in the Material Plane, but still seem ‘genuine’ enough to feel real? How viable could an ecosystem become with a minimum of transplantation from The Realms?

“I never thought that the world I built could actually provide mysteries for me to explore in and of itself. But, as I took my walk today, I began to notice changes in the trees around me.

“Species differentiation. Spontaneous species differentiation! To date, I’ve only brought a handful of seedlings from the Wealdath—mostly oak trees, with a few bushes and shrubs to fill out the lower reaches. The bushes haven’t taken hold too well (much like the flowers—I must have gotten something wrong, as neither seems to grow very well on their own). Imagine how amazed I was, then, when I saw what looked remarkably like a birch tree! Birch! I know I didn’t bring in any seeds on my clothing (I wasn’t going to repeat the mistake I made with those wolf spiders), and even if I did, they would have taken root right there outside of The Vault, not deep into a part of the archipelago I hadn’t visited yet. I had to manifest a boat just to get there, how could a seed have traveled that far without the benefit of a bird? [check to make sure the chickens haven’t spontaneously gained the ability to fly]

~An Excerpt from The Journal of Dorn Evenwood

Legacy: Adventure Log from the Previous Server

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