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10-20-2017—ANNOUNCEMENT: The results of the recent vote are as follows: Coordinates will be enabled on a case by case basis. Such cases include the coordination of nether portal locations for the purposes of fast travel.

Legacy Announcements:

09-17-2011—ANNOUNCEMENT: I (liquidChaos66)Am officially out of creative mode and have begun to live life in the new sanctuary. In process of building a farm! I snagged a few seeds from creative mode to start growing pumpkins and melons. I will be planting an orchard of trees and will soon begin the building of my pirate ship! :)

07-30-2011—ANNOUNCEMENT: I (liquidChaos66) Have officially applied for the Minecraft Middle Earth server. Wish me luck!!!! I will continue to spend the majority of my time in our server and will share my login (when we hang out) so everyone can see the world!!! Wish me luck!

07-15-2011—ANNOUNCEMENT: Today, I’ll begin rolling out the new format for Death to Creepers. Starting now, the server will be more roleplay-heavy (see the updated Rules page), and to get us started, I’ve posted the first in a series of ‘snippets of backstory’ onto the Adventure Log page. …Which is to say, I’m introducing ANY story at all, since Minecraft has no narrative whatsoever.

The ‘roleplaying’ aspects I’ll be introducing over the next few weeks will NOT take effect until the transfer to the new world, but I figured I’d give you something to chew on, first, before that happens.

07-6-2011—ANNOUNCEMENT: The White Line of The_Velsadan’s Rapid Transit System is now opened to the public. White Line is a fast, secure method of traveling from The_Velsadan’s Sanctuary Tower to the White Well. Be warned: the rail line’s control system is currently unavailable, so if you use a rail cart, please manually send one back once you reach the other side until the problem can be fixed.

07-03-2011[09:41] Due to computer virus i am unable to update minecraft… I tried uninstalling and re installing it but there is an error in a file or some shit. Not sure if i can play the game… will try it out later. [13:07]Problem solved… virus clean up nearly complete… keep finding issues here and there but MC is updated and working great again
~The_Velsadan has added a page to the wiki that offers a walk-through for uninstalling Minecraft the right way, if anyone else needs help with it.

06-30-2011[18:43] The local Library/Art Museum is now open to the public! Please respect the owner and the art and do not touch the paintings. Thank you!

06-28-2011[18:22]— Liquid_Chaos66 has finished construction of the local art museum/ local library. I will be making books and completing the collection of paintings. Hopefully it will be open for visitors soon.

06-12-2011— The Rapid Transit System is undergoing massive re-engineering due to technical difficulties and unforeseen fire safety concerns. All tunnels should be considered hazardous until further notice. Expect monster infestations within the Black Line until the situation can be resolved, as tunnel widening efforts have, apparently, lowered the light level enough to summon monsters within the facility foundations. Also, The_Velsadan has upgraded the Rapid Transit Project to “Community” status, freeing him to “cheat” to create the necessary materials without feeling guilty. Once complete, the Transit Network will allow any and all players to quickly traverse the explored map, and, in the future, will allow for intercontinental expansion into the wider world.

06-8-2011—All three Rapid Transit Wells have been color-coordinated, and White Well now connects to the rest of the network via a pilot tunnel. Expansion of the rail line is continuing at a slow pace. The_Velsadan is currently experimenting with the minecarts in order to allow one to ‘call’ a cart back to them, should the cart be at the other end of the line. At present, Blue Well is still not connected to the network, and will remain so until the current network is fully assembled.

05-30-2011— A PORTAL HAS BEEN BORN!!!! Finn took his first trip to the Nether… The floaty white things that shoot brimstone at you suck! If they attack near a portal it has the chance to put the portal out. Take an extra flint and steel with you to re-light the extinguished portal. If you die before lighting the portal again another active one will spawn near it. Leaving the active and inactive portal in the Nether.

05-29-2011— Finnly visited the lava pits and made his way to the black well… He attempted a return home via the black well’s tunnel only to find his trek back blocked my a lava flow in the tunnel. Dont know if The_Velsadan is aware of this lava flow.
~~ If the Well you visited was in the icy lake, that’s White Well (the upper blocks are not color-coordinated yet, all of the Wells are ‘black’ until I get the actual Wells finalized), then yes, I was aware.
Signed, The Velsadan, Supreme Overlord of Sanctuary.

05-27-2011—Announcing The_Velsadan’s Cartography, LLC. For the reasonable price of one gold ingot*, The_Velsadan will craft and fill-in a map of any area you designate.
(*Price does not include crafting of map. An additional charge of five iron ingots will be required if you do not provide your own map.)

05-24-2011—A fourth Well is being connected to The_Velsadan’s Transportation Network. White Well has been dug within the heart of an icy lake north/northwest of Castle Ghost_Dragon. Black Well, below The_Velsadan’s Sanctuary Tower, currently connects Green Well and Blue Well to the west. Connecting of White Well to the rest of the network is currently being hindered by a pocket of magma.

05-23-2011—Plans are being drawn up for an alteration to the Spawning Fortress. The current concept will allow for the construction of a Nether Portal in the upper-most deck. The tower will be made substantially taller, and must be widened to accommodate the width of the portal. Currently taking donation of white wool and smooth stone. The foundation of the tower will be reinforced with a thin layer of obsidian to improve its resistance to Creeper attacks.

05-22-2011—The_Velsadan has declared all-out war upon the scourge of Creepers after suffering seven attacks in a single day. There will be no quarter given—the Creepers must die.

05-22-2011— Finnly Brogan built an outdoor barbecue. Memorial day barbecue for all who can attend. Date and time for event monday may 30th at 8pm. Pork chops and bread supplied… maybe a cake too. Please rsvp so I know how much I need to harvest. Thanks!

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