The Rapid Transit System

The Rapid Transit System is a series of subterranean tunnels linking multiple points of the map. Redstone-powered railcarts, traveling through secured tunnels near the bedrock of the world, allows a player to travel long distances in relative safety. The tunnels are connected to the surface via “Wells” or via staircases beneath Velsadan-controlled structures.

Currently, the network is semi-powered and incomplete. There are four Wells that are currently part of the Transit System, two of which are currently linked together.

Black Well lies beneath the Sanctuary Tower, and acts as the hub for the current Transit System.

Green Well lies in the middle of a small lagoon on the western coast of the starting island, west of The Sanctuary Tower. Currently, Black Well connects to Green Well with a semi-powered rail line and a pilot tunnel traversable on foot.

Blue Well lies west of Green Well. Currently, Blue Well is not connected to the rest of the Transit System.

White Well lies to the north/northwest of Castle Ghost_Dragon. It is currently linked to the Transit System via a pilot tunnel.

The Rapid Transit System

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